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The Influence of Online Art Platforms on Market Infrastructure in Emerging Markets


A Panel Discussion with Special Guest, Ksenia Podoynitsyna

In the age of global digitization, the consumption of art is largely facilitated by online platforms and tools. Yet, for emerging markets, digital platforms primarily function as a way to gain international visibility and to provide access to information on regional art market data. Using the Russian contemporary art market as a case study, the panel discussion will examine the role of digital platforms in overcoming the inefficiencies and isolation of emerging art markets.

Join us as Noah Kupferman, Program Director, Christie’s Education leads a panel discussion with Special Guest Ksenia Podoynitsyna from Moscow (Founder and CEO, In-art), Stas Johnson-Chyzhykov (Director, Collector Relations, Artsy), Anna Evtiugina (Fellow at Residency Unlimited), Elena Zavelev (Founder, New Art Academy and Contemporary and Digital Art Fair), and Fanny Lakoubay (PR and Communication Consultant, Snark.art).

This panel is organized in collaboration with Residency Unlimited (RU).

Источник: https://www.christies.edu/new-york/alumni/alumni-events/2019/panel-discussion-influence-online-art-platforms-on-market-infrastructure